Ford / Cosworth DFV Ignition

The Rude Engineering "F1CDI" is a complete replacement Capacitor Discharge Ignition system designed for the Ford / Cosworth DFV Formula 1 engine used in historic racing configuration. The F1CDI system uses modern components providing a solution for safe and reliable engine operation within the parameters required for historic racing. The F1CDI system is supplied as an entirely new unit which has been made using new generation EMC compliant electronics and hardware incorporated into a period enclosure designed to retain the classic appearance of the DFV engine.


  • Plug and play with period Formula 1 engine wiring systems,  crank trigger and mountings
  • Programmed ignition retard for easier starting
  • Single channel CDI Ignition 115 mJ
  • User selectable Engine Speed Limiter
  • Built in alternator rectifier
  • Rev counter output for driver display
  • Data Logging
  • Reduced EMF Emissions and resistance
  • Robust enclosure
  • Designed to retain period appearance

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